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Advertise With Us

What are the benefits of being a Property Trader Agent?
  • A dedicated in-house technical and development team
  • We spend 60% of our revenues on Search Engine Optimisation to ensure Property Trader is the online website of choice for both property searches and agents
  • The average user visits more often, spends longer on our website and looks at more pages of Dubai real estate than the average user of any other property portal.
  • We send more than 1 Million emails to registered customers every week updating them on new properties added to by Agents and Developers.
  • We have an aggressive PPC campaign on Google and other search engines to always appear above competitors.
  • Our Social Media campaign is unrivaled by any of our competitors
  • We under-cut our competitors by 50% making the most affordable property portal to advertise on in all of the GCC region.


TV advertising

We will be regularly using national and international television advertising to widen our audience reach. We are also commissioning billboard adverts together with taking prime spots on some of the widely used sites for the region.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimization Our dedicated team of web optimization experts continue to improve our rankings on search engines like Google, so that more people find more quickly.

Social media

We've developed a large fan base of Facebook and Twitter followers that we communicate with daily, providing unrivaled dialogue and feedback.

Latest News will be the platform of choice for Dubai property news with our news wire and latest articles updated every hour.

Communities will dedicate a large amount of resources to bring the best out of every community in Dubai by defining the differences in communities and what makes each community special further helping buyers and tenants alike to make informed decisions when searching for the right property. Plus

A range of tools and reports to help you in your day-to-day business, including the Best Price Guide to support the Agent Competitor Analysis tool that monitors your local competitive landscape.

Live Chat

You can instinctively chat to an agent if necessary through our live interactive chat service.

Account Management

A dedicated Account Manager will help find the best membership package for you. Our Customer Service team is always available to take your calls.

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