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Who We Are - fast becoming one of the leading property portals in the UAE is one of the leading online portals of UAE real estate providing all property hunters in the middle and upper tiers of the market, up to date residential and commercial listings that enable them to make informed decisions regarding Dubai real estate.

Property trader provides resources for consumers and real estate professionals to help explore all stages of the home-buying process, The tools on this property portal provide an effective medium for users looking to buy, sell, rent or let quality properties and gives access to financial advises for efficient use of resources..

We make sedulous efforts to ensure that you see the properties advertised by the top real estate and letting agents across Dubai, when making a purchase. If you are selling, we always help you get the maximum from the deal, by giving access to a large number of potential customers both in UAE and overseas.


Our Objectives

Property Trader provides our customers access to the largest audience of Dubai agents and home movers by enabling them to advertise all of their properties on the website and mobile platforms for a monthly subscription fee.

Customers can also take advantage of a wide set of advertising products to better promote their properties, brand and proposition.

Our success comes from our market leading position with Dubai major property agents and the value we add to our customers by giving them the ability to reach the largest audience of the Dubai property scene

We believe the foundations of our success come from:

  • sustained investment in serving property agents
  • sustained investment in our brand
  • sustained support for our advertisers
  • innovation in advertising products and internet platforms
  • Providing market insight and an unbiased view to our customers
  • Working tirelessly to serve the Dubai community
  • Provide a consistent service across the board


Corporate Social Responsibility

Property Trader values are underwritten by our collective care for our investors, advertisers and the communities we serve. Our business ethics is driven by our desire to provide a service that is first of all fit for purpuse but more importantly one that delivers for our advertisers and the community we serve. We undertake to provide charitable services to a number of housing crisis and homeless world charities.

We constantly review our social and sustainability policy to ensure it evolves with community needs and serves the many, not the few.



Forthcoming Updates

With the first Phase of the website complete, proving popular with our users and agents, we will soon be launching Phase 2 of the site which will bring a range of features many of which are first in the UAE market. Our development team are working day and night to bring you the second phase of our website shortly after Ramadan 2015. For further information or to list your properties with us, please email us by clicking here.

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