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villas for rent in Dubai

Partly Furnished 5BR Mazaya A1 + Garden Front and Back.10Harbor Real Estate
Clean and Spacious 3BR Villa I 4 Chqs10Real Choice Real Estate
3BR Villa for Rent I Big Hall and Dining10Real Choice Real Estate
Corner Unit - Type 3 - Ready to move in10Hunt and Harris Real Estate
4BR Villa with Elevator and Private Pool10Real Choice Real Estate
Near Pool - 4 bedroom -Type 3 - Rasha10Hunt and Harris Real Estate
Well Maintained - Quiet Location - Great Price10Espace Real Estate
Well Maintained | Landscaped Garden10Espace Real Estate
Well maintained 5BR Villa | Private Pool10Real Choice Real Estate
Well maintained Large Legacy Villa 3 BR10Binayah Real Esate
Single Row| Type 4D3 |4 Bedroom +Maid's |Villa Lantana10DRE Homes
Semi Independent 3BR Villa I 4 Cheques10Real Choice Real Estate
Semi Independent 3BR Villa I Shared Pool10Real Choice Real Estate
Just Like Brand New 3 BHK Villa I Vacant10Real Choice Real Estate
Corner Villa | Type 3D1 | Villa Lantana 10Cluttons
5 BR + Maid | Excellent condition| Umm Suqeim 10Cluttons
Panoramic Burj Al Arab View|4 BR Villa10Binayah Real Esate
Burj Al Arab View | 4 Bedroom | Canal Cove | Frond B10Harbor Real Estate
5 BR+M| Corner|Landscaped |Calm Location10Binayah Real Esate
Amazing 4 BR Compound Villa in Jumeirah 10Binayah Real Esate

You can ‘go green’ with villas for rent in Dubai

Villas for rent in Dubai are fabulously luxurious – but all that comfort may leave feeling guilty about the environment. But there are things to ease your eco-conscience…

Replace old-style bulbs with energy-saving ones

Energy-saving bulbs used to have a reputation for making the interiors of properties for rent in Dubai look cold and unattractive, but the newer ones have got around that. In terms of energy consumption, they are many times more efficient than filament bulbs, and you’ll find many tenants of Dubai homes to lease are now opting for them.

Add thick(ish) curtains at windows or doors

They may look cumbersome and, if you are not careful, your bedroom will end up looking like something from a gothic novel, but if you are serious about conserving energy, you should ditch blinds and buy something more substantial. They are good for keeping the searing sun out too, as well as keeping cool a/c air in.

Monitor your electricity consumption

If people could see with their own eyes how much electrical appliances cost them, they would be less wasteful. It is possible to buy digital displays that enable you to monitor your electricity consumption as easily as watching the meter in a taxi. An educational experience!

Investigate sources of second hand furniture

Why does everything have to be new, new, new? People used to take it for granted that their homes would contain a mixture of new and second-hand items in the old days. Start looking around some of the great flea markets and warehouse in Dubai to buy pieces for the home.

Lower your thermostat and check the temperature of your hot water

Have you ever turned on your hot tap and scalded yourself? Many people have their water temperature set too high without thinking about it. Just reducing the thermostat setting by a few degrees can lead to significant savings. As an added incentive, you can save a few hundred dirhams a year by turning down your thermostat by one degree Celsius.

Block draughts around doors, windows, and patios/balconies

If there is air seeping through your windows and doors from outside, then energy is being wasted. How many front doors are so badly fitted that you could slide a telephone directory under them? Padded draft-excluders may not look cool, but they do their job. This will be especially effective in high rise towers in winter.

Buy an eco-kettle

Most kettles use a ridiculous amount of electricity. People don't stop to think. They will boil enough water to make six cups of tea or coffee when they only need one. Eco-kettles are more energy-efficient and, if you are a compulsive tea-guzzler (looking at you, British expats) who feels emotionally bereft without your cuppa, they can beneficially impact on your electricity bills.

Fit a water-saving showerhead

How many people give themselves ecological brownie points for taking a shower rather than a bath, then undo all the good work by installing power showers that spew out more water than an American car-wash? You will save more energy if you opt for an aerated or low-flow showerhead. And don't loiter. A 10-minute shower is a luxury, really not a necessity – we’re living in the desert remember!

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