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Beautifully Furnished 4 BR+Maid's with Palm View10Aston Pearl
Furnished 4 BR+Maid's with Palm View10Aston Pearl
Amazing Full Sea view 2 Br, Up to 4 Chqs!10Aston Pearl
Shell and Core Shop in the Heart of Marina10Forest Real Estate
Best Location | Huge 2 BR Apt | Next to Metro10Aston Pearl
Vacant! 2 Br, Free A/C, Up to 4 Cheques10Aston Pearl
Fully Furnished | 1BR | Al Alka | Greens10Forest Real Estate
Amazing View | High Floor | 3BR+S For Rent10Aston Pearl
Fully Furnished|Studio|Madison Residency|Tecom10Forest Real Estate
Marina View | Spacious 1 Bedroom | Dubai Marina10Forest Real Estate
Furnished 2 BR+Study in Shoreline Apt.10Aston Pearl
Unfurnished 2 Bed Apt with Marina View10Provident Real Estate
Large Studio Apt with Jumeirah Island View10Provident Real Estate
Exquisitely Furnished Office | Prime Location 10Forest Real Estate
Unfurnished 3 Bed Apt with Sea & Marina Views10Provident Real Estate
Affordable | Fitted Office Space | Silver Tower10Forest Real Estate
Full Sea and Marina View | Furnished 3BR+ Maids10Forest Real Estate
DUKES HOTEL |Studio | Brand new and great facilities 10My Island Real Estate
DUKES HOTEL | 1 bedroom | Brand new and great facilities 10My Island Real Estate
Vacant 2 Bed Apt, Close to Dubai Mall10Provident Real Estate

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Managing properties for rent is crucial for Dubai landlords

Check out’s Top 8 Quick Tips for managing routine inspections and repairs in properties for rent.

1. Keep all wood on the exterior of the home painted. Failure to keep these areas painted will lead to softness and deterioration of the wood which can quickly become a costly repair.

2. If you are leasing a villa out make sure the dirt around your foundation properly slopes away from the foundation and not towards it. Fill in any holes around the foundation and if necessary, and add dirt backfill around the foundation to ensure that water drains away from the home and not into a crawl space.

3. Keep your gutters free of leaves, sand, and debris. Failure to do so can allow water to back up in the gutters and overflow which could lead to water penetration into your home. Add extenders to your downspouts so they don’t empty next to the foundation.

4. Check all windows and doors for gaps and seal them with a weather proof sealant to prevent water penetration. These areas need to be sealed to prevent water intrusion and serious damage. This will also help prevent cool air loss in your home. Your tenants will thank you for this.

5. Routinely inspect any trees on villas for rent for dead limbs or limbs that may be hanging down. Also, keep an eye of the base of your trees. Any trees that are rotted at the bottom need to be removed before they fall on your house or a neighbour’s house. Trees not only will cause damage to the property, but dead limbs can become a liability issue if they fall and injure someone.

6. Monitor your roof for damaged or missing shingles. You should be especially vigilant after bad storms and high winds. Damaged or missing shingles can allow water penetration which inevitably leads to damage on the interior of the property. This dampness will allow mold to grow which can hide behind the drywall as a result of even a small roof leak. Mold can become a serious and costly problem to correct.

7. Have the air conditioning system cleaned and inspected at least once a year for safety reasons. Also, remember that the filters should be changed monthly. This will allow the system to run more efficiently and will place less wear and tear on it. Keep all vegetation cleared away from the exterior air conditioning unit to allow for proper air flow and function. These should be tenant responsibilities, and experts recommend that they be in your lease and be part of the discussion when the lease is signed.

8. Have your fire safety systems and smoke detectors regularly checked. As well as being a legal requirement in Dubai. This will give you and your tenants peace of mind. Faulty detectors that go off irregularly are just as problematic as ones that don’t work at all – so ask your tenants if they seem to functioning okay. If in doubt, speak to a fire safety expert – don’t rely on standard workmen.

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