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Beautifully Furnished 4 BR+Maid's with Palm View10Aston Pearl
Furnished 4 BR+Maid's with Palm View10Aston Pearl
BRAND NEW | Single row |Ready to move in10Elysian Real Estate
Fabulous Fully Furnished Garden Home villa with live-in house keeper10My Island Real Estate
Compound 4BR Plus Maids Room Villa in Midrif10Real Choice Real Estate
Arabic Style 3BR Plus Maids Room Villa in Midrif10Real Choice Real Estate
Alvorada B2,Quiet location, Available after 25th August10My Island Real Estate
Close to Mirdif City Center|5BR + Maid's10Elysian Real Estate
Amazing Beach view 4 Beds in Garden Homes10Aston Pearl
Well Maintained 3 Beds Villa plus Maids Room10Provident Real Estate
Highly Finished - Lovely Garden - Vacant10Espace Real Estate
Independent 3BR Plus Maids Room Villa for Rent10Real Choice Real Estate
1 Month Free Rent | 4BR Villa Plus Maids Room10Real Choice Real Estate
Type 4M | 2 BR + Study| 120 k by 1 Cheque10Binayah Real Esate
Savannah type 7, New garden , Opposite community pool10My Island Real Estate
Semi Detached 3 BR Plus Maids Room Villa for Rent in Midrif10Real Choice Real Estate
No Maintenance Fees - Brand New - 4 CHQS10Espace Real Estate
Fully Equipped Kitchen - Brand New - 4CHQ10Espace Real Estate
Semi Detached 3 BR Plus Maids Room Villa for Rent10Real Choice Real Estate
Single Storey | 2BR Villa | Payable in 4 Cheques10Real Choice Real Estate

Villas for rent offer space and luxury, just know your rights

The idea of looking at villas for rent in Dubai perhaps doesn’t spring to mind as quickly as leasing a fabulous apartment in a skyscraper or plush tower block – but in fact, for those willing to look around a little and be flexible on budget, there are some spectacular properties up for grabs,

Dubai villas are world famous for the luxury and beauty they offer to renters and buyers alike. They provide comfortable living to all kinds of visitors and expats. And best of all, they offer privacy and space.

Types of villas available for lease

Villas for rent come in different types and sizes. Old and new villas are available for different rents based on size and the facilities they provide. If you survey the Dubai real estate market you will find that old villas are totally independent with separate amenities like private pool, gym, and garden. Whereas newer villas offer a more luxurious lifestyle and are sometimes built in a compound that offer shared amenities, such as a swimming pool and tennis courts.

Villas available for rent are often fully furnished and they tend to be in hot demand, especially in the following areas: The Springs, Arabian Ranches, Palm Jumeirah - Signature Villas, Al Barari, and Jumeirah Islands. So you will need to do some proper looking.

Things to think about before choosing

Before hunting for a rental villa, draw up a budget and take a good look at where your money is going. Generally speaking, it's recommended that most people spend no more than 30 percent of their income on housing costs. Does that seem doable to you, factoring in debt, commuting and grocery costs, savings and other expenditures? Keep in mind that in addition to rent, you will need to budget for utilities (unless your landlord covers some or all of them), cable and Internet, and other potential extras such as community maintenance. And that is in addition to your costs for moving and furnishing your home -- which in some cases could require special items such as outdoor furniture.

Do’s and Don’ts when renting a villa

When you do decide to lease a home in Dubai on a contract basis, there are some essential things to think about.

DO check out the area properly – does it have all the facilities you need? Is the beach accessible? Are pets allowed on the streets? Can taxis get there easily?

Before you sign the contract DO make sure you either test all the appliances, or if that cannot happen without electricity in your property, tell the landlord you will check them as soon as your DEWA is activated and anything not working has to be replaced.

DON’T make your cheques out to anyone that is not the landlord listed on the title deed. If you do, they may get cashed by someone that is not your landlord and you will have to pay rent twice – and you could also land in legal trouble.

And DON’T sublease your property – in Dubai this is a crime. So if you suddenly need to move out, discuss it with your landlord and with RERA instead.

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