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Offices for Sale in Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)

Offices for Sale in Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)

Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), a vibrant waterfront community full of vigor.

Jumeirah Lakes Towers located in the cosmopolitan city of Dubai is a vibrant waterfront community full of vigor, having attractive residential and office towers alongside hotels, leisure attractions and retail outlets. The community that covers an area of 200 hectares has around 87 towers clustered in groups of three and 8 towers in groups of 4.Jumeirah Lakes towers is strategically located on the Sheikh Zayed Road, between interchanges 5 and 6, which connect Dubai to Abu Dhabi .Furthermore, the area is well linked by road and metros to the rest of the city

The construction of Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) has added to other achievements of Dubai's ever progressing & booming real estate industry. Located opposite to Dubai Marina, the Jumeirah Lakes Towers is a great model of construction and its beauty seems more mesmerizing with its four artificial lakes: Lake Almas East, Lake Almas West, Lake Allure and Lake Elucio .exuberantly lavish green landscaped gardens and the breath taking view of sky scrapers as you move along the area.

This development is not constructed to serve a single purpose; rather it is a multi-purpose development with 45% of its area being dedicated to residential properties in contrast to 21% of the property that serves the commercial purposes and the rest 33% has been designated for mixed use. The residential towers located in JLT have the capacity of accommodating around 60,000 people and the commercial part of the area can serve the needs of 120,000 people.

Most of the towers built in the area have between 35 and 45 floors, with exception to the Almas Tower, which is an important landmark of the community, has 66 floors to its credit. This is the tallest tower located in this development. When talking about facilities, you will not be disappointed in any case; as it gives complete access to all amenities of life

The towers located in Jumeirah Lakes Towers have separate parking spaces and retail outlets. In addition to this the vicinity  offers a grand lifestyle with luxuries including  swimming pools gymnasiums ,saunas ,conference centres ,laundries ,supermarkets, cinemas ,restaurants ,golf clubs and many others. Every group of three towers has a separate parking lot and retail facilities. The residents of this waterfront community have access to some of the best schools located in the area, like Emirates International School, Dubai International Academy etc. The extraordinary living style and the ability to serve all commercial purposes well, JLT is a perfect choice for investment in a residential or commercial property.

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