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Property Renting Guide for Dubai, UAE

Property Renting Guide for Dubai, UAE

A guide to renting in the UAE.


Downtown Dubai community

Renting accommodation in Dubai is a well-established practice. Many organizations have housing arrangements in the form of long-term leases to provide for their staff. Dubai offers a lot of variety to those who want to rent an apartment in Dubai. After deciding the budget, one needs to decide area where property is located

In Dubai, long term Rental Contracts are only for a fixed term of one year from the start date. The law ensures that landlord gives the same terms next year, as decided at the start of the contract.

Legal requirements for the tenants require them to have a valid residence visa and a valid bank account. 

Many landlords will only accept payment in one to four cheques. These cheques are payable at the start of the contract and in the event that you have agreed to pay in more than one cheque, the others are post-dated. This is very important as the cheques are more than just a method of payment in Dubai, it is a legal requirement.

A notice period is given to the tenant at the end of the contract, which gives him time to tell whether he wants to renew the contract or not.

Normally cheques should be made payable to the registered owner, whose details are on the sales contract. You may also make payment to a Power of Attorney (POA), a person nominated by the Owner. You should have the POA document checked. They are commonly in Arabic, and should be stamped by the court. The Real Estate Agent helps in arranging all paperwork and finalizing the deal.

Tenants should ensure the authenticity of   all the ownership documents, and make sure that the Agent is RERA registered as free-lance agent is unauthorized. The paper work should be done in their office and NEVER make rent cheques payable to an Agent unless they have a valid Power Of

Every property in Dubai needs to have Water and Electricity connected. A housing fee is charged from the tenant by DEWA. The amount is 5% of the total rent for the year, split into monthly payments.

If you live in an apartment, a chiller fee is charged for central A/C service. All of the Palm and JBR and some towers on the Marina and Downtown have a chiller fee. One should know the chiller charges beforehand as it can increase the costs significantly. The Property Location determines who the service supplier is for TV, Internet & Landline Accommodation can be furnished, semi-furnished or   unfurnished. The amount of rent is charged accordingly. Gas supply differs from building to building; mostly just a simple canister arrangement is made. One should be careful when making arrangement for renewing the contract as if the contract is terminated early then arrangements are made accordingly ,which are in the interest of the owner..

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