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Short term apartment & villa rental in Dubai

Short term apartment & villa rental in Dubai

Boom in tourism boosts demand for short term apartment and villa rentals.


JLT community

The growing demand of short term rentals comes from the increase in number of people coming for business and leisure trips. Short term apartments for rent in Dubai provide a great alternative to a more formal setting of a hotel. There are a number of options available for short term rentals in areas like JBR, Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah and JLT.

In comparison to long term rentals, short term rentals are pricier. The option of getting a serviced apartment is 30 to 50 per cent more expensive than the unserved ones. Services provided include; cleaning, laundry and linen – changing. A/C charges might be a part of the rent or will be charged separately at times. Gas will be a part of the rent if there is a communal gas tank. Other utilities will be charged separately. All these terms should be negotiated with the owner beforehand, to avoid any hassle later. A deposit also needs to be made to protect items against any damage.

In some states a local tax (Baladiya) is also charged on the property to pay for expenses such as refuse collection and road maintenance. These might be paid by the landlord in some cases, and by the tenants in other. This needs to be settled at the time of negotiation.

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